Lotto Returns on the 27th June.

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Due to covid 19 restrictions the draw will be based on the first 4 numbers out between 1 and 28 inclusive in Saturdays national Lottery draw. If these numbers don’t appear in first draw, the next applicable number out in lotto plus etc will apply.

The cutoff time for entering the weekly draw is 7pm on Saturday. Purchases after this time will be included in the following weeks draw. 

The lotto jackpot will grow by €100 per week and lucky dip numbers will now be 3 prizes of €20.   

See below for Rules 


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Lotto Rules


Trinity Gaels GAA Club

        Weekly Club Lotto Numbers Draw

Lotto Rules 2019 

The following are the rules relating to the operation of the Trinity Gaels GAA Club weekly Lucky Numbers Draw with effect from 6th June 2020.

  1. Jackpot
  2. The minimum Jackpot will be €1,000.
  3. The Jackpot will increase by €100 each week the Jackpot is not won.
  4. The Jackpot can only be won/shared by matching the 4 numbers between 1 and 28 drawn on the draw night.
  5. The Jackpot will be the amount accumulated and advertised as the Jackpot for that week on the notice board, results sheet etc.
  6. A Jackpot winner(s) is not eligible for a prize in the 3 number draw on the same ticket on the same draw night.
  7. Where the numbers entered on any draw ticket are not clear or legible then the decision of the person writing up the Weekly Marking Sheets and confirmed by the Executive Committee shall be final.
  8. Only tickets which are entered on the Permanent Marking Sheets, online entries or the Weekly Marking Sheets can be considered as valid entrants in the Draw.
  9. If the Jackpot reaches €10,000 then the Jackpot will be capped at that figure.
  10. The Jackpot of €10,000 will continue to be played for until it is won/shared by a draw participant(s) matching the 4 numbers drawn on the draw night.
  11. The week following the Jackpot reaching €10,000 a Reserve Jackpot will be set up provided that the Jackpot is not won.
  12. The Reserve Jackpot will start at €1,000.
  13. The Reserve Jackpot will increase by €100 each week the Jackpot is not won.
  14. Where the Jackpot is won the Reserve Jackpot if any, becomes the Jackpot and will be played for in the normal way.
  15. If the Jackpot (€10,000) is not won and the Reserve Jackpot exceeds €5,000 then €5,000 from the Reserve Jackpot will be won/shared by the player/players that have 3 numbers from the 4 numbers drawn on the draw night.
  16. In the event of the €5,000 from the Reserve Jackpot being won/shared €1,000 will be added to the monies in the Reserve Jackpot which will continue to increase in accordance with Rule 12.
  17. Additional Weekly Prizes
  18. A weekly prize of €100 will be won/shared by those with 3 numbers drawn on the draw night (except where A14 applies)
  19. Where there is nobody with 3 numbers then the €100 will be carried forward to the following weeks draw until won
  20. There will be 3 Lucky Dip prizes of €20 each drawn on a weekly basis
  21. The Lucky Dip draw will be undertaken a week in arrears based on all those who had participated in the previous weeks draw
  1. Disputes

The decision of the Executive Committee of Trinity Gaels GAA club in relation to any aspect and all matters and situations not specifically provided for in these rules shall be final and binding in all cases.